You have 2 guys,

2 hearts, one of the hearts is older than the other.


Although the 2 hearts have an age difference, they are both passionate about music and about the 80’s. Not only are the 2 hearts sharing love for music, they are also both very “hands on” when it comes to creation.

Synthesizers, powerful groove, passion, expertise, listening, creation, 80’s style, artistic sensitive sharing, these are some ingredients of the atypical, transgenerational duet of this 2 hearts gathering recipe; it is the partnership between Pascal and Piotr.

Hands up! That’s how “heart Pascal” had to suffer, Pascal had a heart attack in 2017 so after a long and serious commercial and industrial career, this attack that almost cost his life had the positive side effect of changing it; his life! Indeed Pascal returned to his first loves: music and music! And he met a musician, Piotr!

“Heart Piotr” learned classical piano, at 11 he discovered Jazz and Pop which broke his heart… with joy! From colleges to music academy, Piotr had the opportunity to meet with great musicians all more inspiring and eclectic than the others, sources of inspiration and passion for synths and styles; Pop, Funk, Rock and Electro ... Full of music love and skills, Piotr also shares and teaches music at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.


So here is the story of 2 hearts meeting in music, 2 hearts more electro than classic, 2 hearts in practice, 2 hearts hands-on….

©2019 by Hands 2 Hearts/Abyssin Productions/SiameSound Records

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